<img src="http://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/40/25/87/48/1252703071.jpg?t=1495618604"><br>These 56 Acres present a great opportunity for hunting, fishing &amp; water sports along the Kinderhook Creek. Create your own trails for horseback riding, hiking, skiing, ATVs &amp; snowmobiling. Grow one heck of a garden, raise goats, sheep and other small animals. The 56 acres are nestled on the Kinderhook Creek with approximately 5,000 feet of waterfront and 2,000 feet of road frontage on US Route 20, east of the village of Nassau, NY. Build your own home if you like or restore the existing Center Hall Colonial house on the property. Built in the 1740s, this building was an early stagecoach stop, post office and tavern. It has very large rooms by the standards of the day&#40;15' x 15'&#41; and tall ceilings &#40;8'&#41;. Stone foundation in good shape. Approx 1,600 sf on each floor. New roof in 2005. Bldg &amp; basement dry &amp; secure. You'll have Easy Access to the entire Hudson Valley and Berkshire regions. 20 miles to Albany 12 miles to Chatham in Columbia County; 24 miles to Tanglewood in the Berkshires; It is beautiful. Call Today.<br>